Wednesday, 11 June 2008

PCBs in oily sludges, Environmental Chemistry, Chopper Pumps and truth comes to Homeopathy

Other than designing a solution to the problems of our new pharmaceutical client, I have been reviewing a book for The Chemical Engineer magazine, and looking at carrying out an experiment to determine how well anaerobic digestion might reduce PCB levels in oily sludges.

I am having difficulty at present sourcing a small chopper pump which can be controlled by inverter to provide a better, smoother feed to the pharma client's plant without blocking concerns. No problem getting one with 75mm discharge size or above, but the small ones don't have an over-rated motor, which is recommended for variable speed drive.

The book I am reviewing is "Elements of Environmental Chemistry" by Ronald Hites. Seems like a pretty good little textbook.

The oily sludges I hope to treat with AD have been a problem at a couple of sites I provide technical cover for for years now, and it is getting increasingly difficult and expensive to dispose of them. It would be nice if we can get PCB levels down to non-hazardous numbers by this process. The experiment is fairly quick and dirty, so we should have a rough answer by August.

Something amusing I saw today on the quackery front: truth in alternative medicine at last...

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