Monday, 7 July 2008


"Run your car on water": hxxp:// (url altered to avoid bumping their Google position) This guy's "invention" produces hydrogen and oxygen from water by electrolysis, and then you burn the mixture to drive your car. The site is full of anecdotal reports that this boosts fuel economy by 60%. This is basically a development of a long-discredited perpetual motion machine. This is even more stupid than my favourite crank site of all.

In case you don't know why, ignore driving the wheels, imagine a system where we just charge the battery. When we burn the hydrogen, we lose some energy as heat. Some of the energy goes to drive the alternator, which puts electricity in the battery, again with some inefficiency, lost as heat. The energy in the battery produces oxygen, hydrogen and more heat. We burn the hydrogen, much less than before due to loss of energy as heat...The energy obtained by burning the hydrogen is always less than the energy it took to make it. No perpetual motion, no energy from water, no two ways about it. Second law of thermodynamics. Look it up.

Then on the same day, I get a communication from from the get rich quick team at at hxxp://, offering the same thing. Now I know fuel is expensive, but wishful thinking isn't going to make it better.

I'm incidentally presently running my Landrover Discovery 200 TDi on around 40% soya oil at 87p a litre from Costco. That's a practical solution for cars that will take it. "Carbon neutral" and cheap too. Of course Costco soya oil is made from GM beans from cleared Brazilian rainforest, and is therefore evil Frankenfuel. LOL.

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