Saturday, 13 December 2008

Clarifier Upgrade: Pharma ETP

Effluent Screen by Expertise Limited Water Engineering Experts 

We enhanced the performance of the final clarifier by fitting a stainless steel screen to the outlet.

As our screen was square, and the tank was not, this took a certain amount of effort, and plenty of mastic!

Fitting the screen in this way enhanced clarifier performance from peak concentrations of 5000 mg/l suspended solids to1/10th of that figure.

Controls: Pharma ETP

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Controls: Pharma ETP


The overly complex PLC based controls of the original plant were replaced by a dedicated pH controller, and these three boxes.

These are a distribution board, an ultrasonic controller, and an inverter.

These replace the plc without a human interface which the original installers used.

Since at least monthly intervention is required to calibrate the pH probe, this might be viewed as a design weakness, or an attempt to prevent the purchaser from using another plant maintenace company.

Polymer Dosing: Pharma Effluent

Polymer Dosing
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Polymer Dosing: Pharma Effluent

This is the polymer dosing pump and storage tank, for dosing an aluminium based coagulant for colour removal.

We refitted the old polymer dosing pump to a reconditioned IBC, and new downpipe. We also replaced its outgoing line with new twinwall stock.

The polymer pump was rewired to the new control system and interlocked to feed pump operation from its inverter.

pH Dosing Kit: Pharma Effluent


This is the pH correction system, dosing up to 32% HCl and 20% NaOH by means of dosing pumps controlled by the yellow unit in the foreground. Dosing Kit
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Chemical storage is 2 No. 1000 L reconditioned IBCs.

Dosing lines are twin-wall for safety.

Chemical dosing operation is interlocked to feed pump operation via a feed from the inverter.