Monday, 27 July 2009

Iranian air travel, work and training

Not so long ago a potential client told me that Iranian air travel was more or less as safe as anywhere when I declined to take internal flights in the country. He seemed pretty angry that I declined to fly with local carriers to save him a bit of money.

Recent events have however suggested that my concerns were well founded. Al Jazeera's report glosses over matters a little-Caspian Airways may not have crashed a plane since it was founded in 1993, but the Tupolev Tu-154 has had three serious crashes in Iran alone since 2002.

The combination of dodgy old Russian 'planes, poor maintenance procedures, and lack of spare parts are all contributors to Iran's poor aviation safety record. Look how overrepresented both Iran and the Tu-154 are on the BBC's Air Disasters list.

Water feature hydraulic design work is continuing, and am providing cover for plant operation in Manchester pretty regularly recently.

I'm looking to get a formal teaching qualification to boost my skills on the training side of things. I've been accepted on the course, now I just need to get a bit of UK based lecturing to practice with. I have a few Universities interested, just need to get something agreed before September...

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