Thursday, 28 January 2010

What happens when you let an architect design a pumping station?

Ever wondered what would happen if you abandoned your objections to the architect's artistic vision of the project and gave them free rein?

This is a sewage pumping station as designed by an architect.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Business as usual II

The call-out didn't come at 3AM Sunday morning as predicted, but at noon the previous day.

Frost damage had shattered many pipes, several pumps were air-locked, and there were unexpected foreign bodies in the feed which were causing blockages-and of course the buffer tanks were completely full at both sites, and the generators, instrumentation and SCADA system were also misbehaving.

It took half a day to patch things up, clear the blockages and airlocks, and get both plants running at top speed again to shift the melt-water.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Teaching/Bits and Bats

I've been asked to be on high alert for problems with the Manchester groundwater treatment plants, but experience suggests that they never fail during the working week. I'm expecting the callout Sunday morning 3AM. Luckily I love an emergency.

I've received all sorts of exciteable emails from Invent Water Features/Invent Water Treatment's other creditors this last week, including solicitor's letters, threats of reporting to the DTI and so on.

I'd be a lot more excited if they owed me more than the £650 I'm down, and if I thought that it wasn't too apparent what happened to all of the company's assets and director's loans as the emails tell me it isn't.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Business as usual

Called out again over the break, had a great drive over the Peak on empty frozen roads to Manchester to repair freezing damage to a groundwater treatment plant. This is why I have a Land Rover and snowchains-365 day call-out, weather not a factor. All went well, and we had a fine kebab on the way home.

Other than that, ploughing through Educational Research papers ready for the start of my MA-they are so sloppy compared with real science!

Invent Water Features creditor's meeting is in Bicester tomorrow, a long way away from all of the people up North who they owe money to. I hear official investigations of the directors and receivers are to be requested. People are unhappy.