Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Back from a week's holiday, and things are gearing up slowly.

Awaiting developments on three overseas jobs.

Picked up a bit of data analysis predicting the remaining working lifetime of a groundwater treatment plant.

Looking good so far on the modifications made to the pharma effluent treatment plant.

Should firm up on most of my teaching commitments by the end of this month, allowing me writing time for materials.

Much of next week will be spent updating my First Aid Certification, so no problem with a slow restart....

Monday, 12 July 2010

Clarifier Upgrade

Some pics of the clarifier unit upgrade we carried out over the weekend for our pharma client, increasing the capacity of their existing clarifier five-fold to cope with increased production

Clarifier Upgrade: Lamella Plate Pack
Plate Pack

Clarifier Upgrade: Plate Pack, Weir,launder Difuser
Plate Pack with new weir plates and launder in place, obscuring the new diffuser arrangement

Clarifier Upgrade
Working, smooth enough to function as a reflective pool...

Friday, 2 July 2010

Another busy week

Coming to the end of another busy week, oil-spill job finished, Indian and US jobs in. Kenya/ Uganda jobs will be in mañana...

Indian job started (new holders of the blower undersizing record, having a 2HP blower which should be 70 HP!)

Pharma. client presentation went well Tuesday, will be upgrading their plant again shortly.

Firming up on next term's teaching, might get a module to myself at Loughborough, at least a half-share at NTU, and summer school work for Nottingham.

Last month's invoice total was the highest for a couple of years....Things definitely look to be picking up...