Thursday, 25 November 2010


An old job rebooted yesterday, upgrading an undersized package plant in situ to avoid having to dig it up from the centre of a housing development. It's essentially identical to something I did a few years back for Schlumberger.

My teaching load is almost up to the maximum allowed at Nottingham Trent, and I'm reprising last year's Mogden Formula tutorial at Loughborough Uni. next week, so that side of things pretty busy too.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Training etc.

I got good customer feedback on the Libyan oil industry environmental monitoring course - it didn't hurt to take them for a quality kebab at my favourite Iranian place on the way back from the field trip to the groundwater treatment plant in Manchester..

Other than a call-out to the usual problems at the Manchester site, engineering is a bit quiet again.

The money for the US job never materialised, despite our having a signed contract. Every time I call them, the money is supposedly on its way, but it never arrives. I can't be bothered to chase them any more. Who knows what that was about. Time-wasters.

Talking of time-wasters, the people with the garlic butter problem lost all interest in further investigations unless I was wiling to enter into a continuing extended dialogue with them free of charge, so I guess they have gone back to trying to fix things themselves.

I have plenty of teaching to keep me busy though, with upcoming engagements at both Loughborough and Nottingham Universities in addition to my steady gig at NTU.