Saturday, 7 May 2011

Iraq: Hydraulic Design

Picked up a bit of emergency hydraulic design for an Iraqi contractor this weekend. It's interesting looking at routing pipelines through places I'd only looked at on the news before, but Google Earth is still so much safer (and quicker) than a site visit.

Nice to dig out all of my standard hydraulic calculation sheets, and glad now that I had them all verified by an independent third party, so that when I'm under time pressure like this, I'm just plugging the numbers in without having to worry about whether the calculations are error-free for the basics. There's a surge/ water hammer analysis to do on this job as well though, so there's new stuff to accommodate too.

Other than that, lots of teaching (get my PGCHE result next Tuesday), including supervising one strand of a week-long field exercise for Nottingham University's Environmental Engineers near out Wirksworth base.

The final M+E commissioning session of the package plant under a playground (delayed by waiting for 3-phase power to be brought to site) is due later in the month-then we will see if our aeration system upgrade will bring the plant into consent, as it did for a similar plant a couple of years back. There's a plan B if it doesn't quite make the grade....

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