Friday, 29 July 2011

Package Plant Problems II - TheTanker Driver

The package plant under the playground has developed a new problem, floating sludge on the final tank. I went down last night to tweak the plant to address the problem to find that it has snapped another drive-belt due to excessive back-pressure, in turn due to the tanker company not removing the treated effluent as requested. This is our third drive belt in nine weeks, with consistent cause.

It seems almost to be a defining characteristic of sewage tanker drivers that they think that they know better than professional engineers. This is merely the latest of countless occasions where I have found that unless you actually stand over a tanker driver and watch him, he will do whatever is easiest, or whatever he thinks is best.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


There are so many offers out there at the moment that I'm a bit in limbo, waiting to see what happens before I make a move.

I'm ticking over with the forthcoming training course, commissioning of the refurbished package plant, and our Indian client, but I'm a little impatient for a few things to resolve themselves.

On the teaching side, I'm now a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy-FWIW.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Legal Issues and Training

I'm putting the finishing touches to a bespoke training course on water minimisation and effluent treatment for a well-known dairy today.

The package plant under the playground story rumbles on, and now looks to be going legal, with a mission to assign blame on the basis of the various problems with the job. We seem to be the only people involved who are not being sued at the moment.

The Indian client who had to be told that things were not as he would like them to be saw that the data did support my conclusions, though it was a little touch and go...