Monday, 15 August 2011

Tweaking, Teaching, Training, and Tankering

The tweak applied to the package plant seems to have worked, performance is now at or close to compliance with BOD and SS consents. The tanker company are however still fighting a rearguard action, so information on how much treated effluent they are removing and when is not forthcoming.

I received a call from United Utilities about problems they are having with a plant built for them by the now-defunct Invent Water treatment. Their former staff are scattered to the winds, and those I know the locations of cannot help them. I may end up helping them myself- as Invent went bust owing us money, It would be a kind of justice.

The dairy effluent training course went well, though if I were to give it again it would be on the site with their effluent treatment plant so that we could get a bit more hands-on, and have a bit less in the classroom.

I got my PGCHE certificate yesterday, and have started discussions with local Universities about next year's teaching commitments.

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