Wednesday, 25 April 2012


We have all kinds of enquiries coming in - training in the Middle East and Europe, fracking water treatment modelling and design in the Balkans, effluent treatment plant optimisation in the UK,and another misbehaving package plant to look into.

Lucky the students are on holiday - apart from those on Nottingham's Environmental Engineering Field Course, who I am taking to visit my local sewage treatment plant today as part of a problem based learning exercise.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Qatar Training

I'm just back from delivering a variant of my most popular training course in the Gulf (the one on on water and effluent treatment) in Doha, Qatar. It went well (as long-developed courses tend to) with delegate satisfaction around 80% across all categories.

As ever in the Gulf, delegates came with very detailed real world problems they wanted to get into, and much of the last day was spent troubleshooting these specific situations.

I learned some interesting things myself, such as that:

Qatari Nationals (who are only around 25% of the population) get water and power for free, which may have something to do with their unusually dilute effluent.    

Seawater infiltration and sewer septicity are so prevalent that concentrations of H2S in the street can be up to 2000 ppm!