Thursday, 21 June 2012

Water Minimisation in Qatar, and other Training Courses

I'm just back from delivering a course on water minimisation in Qatar, where their free water supplies make them one of the world's most profligate users. The course went well, with satisfaction levels around 90%. I also got a bit of fishing in, so all in all a good outing.

The Qataris are hoping to go from their present position close to the bottom of the world's water efficiency league table to close to the top by requiring their businesses to attain zero water discharge by 2014.

More courses in Qatar and Saudi in the offing later in the year, and a large Swiss agrochemical manufacturer has booked an in-house course for August as well.

I'm taking over the year one and two design courses at Nottingham University, as well as the Master's level Advanced Environmental Engineering module, and a staff training course "Chemical Engineering for Scientists" so I'm spending much of my summer writing course materials, on way or another.

I've got some real engineering on the books too, upgrading a misbehaving package plant, and looking at problems with a couple of industrial effluent treatment plants.

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