Monday, 3 September 2012

Supercritical Water Oxidation

We are looking at a couple of jobs involving use of SCWO for decontamination of industrial effluents, one full scale, and the other involving a bench scale trial. Interesting stuff.

We are also going to have a look at a water recycling job for a petrochemicals manufacturer whilst we are in the Middle East in a couple of weeks time giving a couple of training courses centring largely on the use of membranes in industrial effluent treatment.

The truck wash effluent job seems to be approaching the point at which we will be able to offer a recommendation, but it has been hard getting the bidders to offer enough real information to technically assess their bids.

We are having difficulties with the package plant recommissioning, as the client will not stop putting beer pump cleaner and other caustic based cleaning products down the drains. Things were progressing nicely until sufficient caustic was added to the plant to raise pH throughout to 9 for a sustained period. 

The plating plant effluent job came to nothing, looks like it was one of the many people who would like you to design a plant for them free of charge with the promise of payment down the line. We have too much paying work to be tempted to work for free.

Back at the Uni on 21st September, which doesn't mean I'll not be carrying on with Expertise work, but it will obviously reduce the amount I can do, whilst still doing justice to my students' needs.

This first summer break from full-time teaching seems to have worked well, I've been continuously busy, whilst still having time for a couple of short breaks.

Today's job - stop procrastinating with your blog and start planning out the mix of lectures, syndicate and individual exercises you are going to use on those courses in the Gulf....   

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