Saturday, 27 October 2012


I'm off to look at a number of problems with one of the plants I look after in Manchester today. The reported problems are that the sand washer on a continuous sand filter has stopped working, along with ancillary systems as the system has sucked up a load of high solids sludge which has contaminated several stages of tretament, and the monitor for the SCADA screen has chosen this as a good time to stop working. There will undoubtedly also be a few other little problems which will get in the way of the easy fix.

Put out my reports on papermill effluent treatment and another industrial effluent treatment job yesterday, which I am quite pleased with.

The paper-mill effluent treatment operators had amassed an enormous amount of monitoring data, which made it possible to be unusually sure as to what was going on, once I had handled the information overload with some statistics. 

The other industrial effluent treatment job involved use of a novel biotechnology product ( not something I do often, being quite conservative) to render an impossible to treat effluent readily treatable by means of a temporary plant constructed with hired equipment.

Interesting teaching experiences this week, getting first-year engineers to deal with the sketchy information and loosely defined problems which they will work with when they become professional engineers. I've also been arranging for the IChemE Safety and Loss Prevention Roadshow to visit us in November.

I'm going to complete my outline design of the SCWO plant as well this weekend, hopefully. Things should calm down a bit now that I have these jobs cleared, though many of them have the scope for follow-on work.

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