Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Repeat Business

Looks like I'm going to be progressing with that industrial effluent treatment plant job involving enzyme treatment. Should be interesting. The SCWO nanoparticle production plant design job is also progressing, and in with a chance of a second application of the technology (to industrial effluent treatment) elsewhere.

The Indian restaurateur seems to be making quite a bit of use of eco-label products, so I'm going to look at a few samples and see if I can break the remaining emulsion in his grease trap with a dosed chemical. Though we are now well outside the scope of my original order, I do hate to leave a job undone, even when the client will not follow the operating manual, as in this case.

The students are making fair progress on the troubleshooting problem. I'm quite impressed by the way they will rise to a challenge. 

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