Sunday, 4 November 2012

X marks the spot

Technician holds bailer sample from borehole contaminated with hydrocarbons
I took a mixed group of third year Chem Eng and MSc Environmental Eng students out to carry out a site investigation this week, with the same interesting results as last year.

First I gave them a map of the site they were on, and asked them to place a cross on the map where they were standing. Results were better this year than last- three of 35 managed to put a cross pretty close to the right position. Last year it was zero. Our students seemed at the start of the exercise to lack a feel for mapping and relating real world features to drawings, which was much improved by the end.

The main exercises were a site investigation under a contaminated land protocol, and undertaking sampling of boreholes contaminated with  LNAPL (floating hydrocarbons). As before, students loved the hands-on experience, though some of the foreign ones found Nottingham in autumn a little nippy....

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