Thursday, 29 November 2012

Year End?

The end of term is looming at Nottingham, but my work is just beginning. I've got confirmation that my Red Tide course will be going ahead in Oman, and I might be meeting up with a couple of other companies whilst I am over there to discuss things which will fill the month I have before the students return. I've got a few other things in the pipeline in the Gulf as well, including a course for lab staff on waste-water chemical and microbiological analysis next summer.

I analysed some samples from the misbehaving Indian restaurant package plant last Friday which suggest that they have finally stopped using highly alkaline industrial cleaners, and otherwise following the operating guidance we offered. Though their home-made grease trap is still not doing that good a job, I am hopeful that we might now start to see an improvement in performance.

The process design course has gone down very well with the first years at Nottingham, after Xmas I'll be teaching the same subject to the second years. I've taken over as head of the Careers and Industry team at Nottingham, so more interested than ever in fostering links between academia and industry, though not in the usual direction of academics of going to industry with our hands out for research funds. I'm looking to find out what industry want our students to know and to be able to do.

The student who did a summer internship with us last year has got a job in her home country doing something very similar - well done Giselle!

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