Friday, 4 January 2013

Training Courses - Now Booking for June!

A firm booking for a course on practical open channel hydraulics relevant to sewage treatment plant design has come in, and we are at the initial stages of planning courses in Oman and Saudi for later in the year.

Training is becoming a very important part of Expertise's workload, but I am very keen to continue with the hands-on engineering which still forms 75% of our order book. The practicality and relevance of my training and teaching relies upon me keeping current with practice.

Things fill up quickly nowadays, with only the University holiday periods to carry out any longer jobs which I have to do in person. We have more or less booked the Easter period with courses in the Far and possibly Middle East, and are now looking to book the summer vacation period.

We do however have a number of associates who can stand in for, or supplement me on the teaching side as well as on-site. We are negotiating the booking of four courses for a client in Bahrain which will mostly be delivered by associates.

I'm still available to carry out site visits and troubleshooting during term time for a day or two at a time, but it isn't fair to the Nottingham students to be away for much longer than this in term time.

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