Friday, 22 March 2013

Another quality course...

Break for Easter at the UK campus, though I will be spending a fair bit of mine at the China and Malaysia campuses.

I've just delivered a course on open channel hydraulics to an expert audience from a UK process contractor to very good feedback, and I had a call on the way back to deliver a new course quite locally.

Malaysia course is now firmly booked, so there will be time for a mix of academic training and teaching and interaction with working engineers whilst I'm over there.

I'm glad I've got a few overseas engineering contracts on the books, I'd hate to only do teaching and training, and gradually lose touch with my profession. I do love design and troubleshooting, it's like being paid to do crossword puzzles....

Friday, 15 March 2013

Winding Up...

Coming to the end of term, ready for trips to China and Malaysia. Malaysian training course booked up, with the same sort of Oil and Gas operations audience as I'm used to in the Gulf. There may however be a problem with the course provider, which we are looking into.

First year students were set a design challenge this week, (which many made a good job of) designing the grande cascade part of the water feature at Alnwick Castle which I did the process and hydraulic design of for Invent back in 2000. As always in teaching, it is the misunderstandings and misconceptions in students assessed work which is of greatest interest. I will get a chance to correct these when I teach them design again next year....

Saturday, 9 March 2013


An industrial effluent treatment job in India which has been dormant for a while has rebooted, so I'm looking into evaporative technologies for them.

I hosted the IChemE Safety road-show yesterday, which went down quite well with the Year 2 students. They used a slightly new approach to HAZOP, which I will borrow in future - it's good to keep current with best practice.

We have a few new training enquiries, including our first from Hong Kong ( for our industrial water and effluent treatment course).

I'm spending today producing training materials for my forthcoming open channel hydraulics course, which I'm pretty pleased with. I'm explaining things which a lot of people find hard to grasp such as hydraulic jumps, and giving them practical, simple ways of solving some technically knotty problems, such as the interactions between a weir, a penstock and a flume used to passively set stormwater overflows in a sewage works.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Open Channel Hydraulics

I've been writing a manual on open channel hydraulics today for my forthcoming course with a UK contracting company. That's quite a small part of the work, as devising the exercises that make a course interesting for attendees is a lot more involved than writing the manual.

All arrangements are in place for visits to China and Malaysia over Easter, finalising discussions on what I'm going to cover in my teaching and training. Chinese visa form even trickier than the Saudi one...