Saturday, 9 March 2013


An industrial effluent treatment job in India which has been dormant for a while has rebooted, so I'm looking into evaporative technologies for them.

I hosted the IChemE Safety road-show yesterday, which went down quite well with the Year 2 students. They used a slightly new approach to HAZOP, which I will borrow in future - it's good to keep current with best practice.

We have a few new training enquiries, including our first from Hong Kong ( for our industrial water and effluent treatment course).

I'm spending today producing training materials for my forthcoming open channel hydraulics course, which I'm pretty pleased with. I'm explaining things which a lot of people find hard to grasp such as hydraulic jumps, and giving them practical, simple ways of solving some technically knotty problems, such as the interactions between a weir, a penstock and a flume used to passively set stormwater overflows in a sewage works.

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