Friday, 26 April 2013

Design Practice

I'm looking as usual at design teaching at the University, and planning changes to make our design projects more realistic. We are coming to the end of the year 2 plant design course, and the students are making great progress.

We are starting to ask them to undertake design projects as part of the Easter field course now, and the improvement in group-working and design ability as a result of the new design course was obvious to all.

This weeks I'm also looking at what is being done at another university as part of their IChemE accreditation, and I've spoken to someone who thinks that the process control taught as part of Chemical Engineering courses is too theoretical.

The harder I look, the more obvious it is that most practising engineers know exactly what is wrong with academic courses, but the information is not finding its way back, or not being translated into changes to courses, for a number of reasons.

An interesting bit of expert witness works continues alongside teaching, and we are now looking to fill the order book for the University summer break, starting only a few weeks away.

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