Friday, 14 June 2013

Enquiries - Busy Summer Forecast

We have lots of new enquiries-for training work in the UK and Middle East, for expert witness work, and increasing numbers of jobs as an international consultant, overseeing engineering projects in India. We haven't lost a bid so far this year, so the HAZOP job and so on are still in play.

We are finishing up a CPR Part 35 compliant expert witness report, which is an opportunity to practice my recent training in producing such reports to the highest standards.

The Indian industrial effluent job is also being wrapped up, with a consideration of vacuum evaporation/distillation technology for disposal of RO concentrates.

Other than that I'm just doing all of the little jobs which  have to be set aside during teaching term-time. Nice to get them off my desk.


Anonymous said...

Good to see the industry taking advantage of world development!

Sean Moran said...

We do what we can...