Friday, 28 June 2013

Expert Witness: Water and Wastewater: Duty to the Court

I had a conference call today with a legal team with respect to an issue which required expertise in both water and wastewater treatment.

I am relatively unusual in having a lot of experience in both areas, due to my background in industrial effluent treatment, which borrows from both approaches, as well as my early career working in the proposals departments of design-and-build water and waste-water process contractors.

My report with respect to problems with a package plant in a restaurant application is complete, and undergoing extensive checking prior to submission to the court.

I see some other expert witnesses boast on their websites about the number of cases in which they were on the winning side, but I think that this betrays a misunderstanding of their responsibility to the court. The expert witness's job is not to twist the facts in their client's favour, but to educate the court and explain the issues such that a informed and just decision can be made.

We aim to make our reports clear, accurate, logical, readable, unbiased, and to the point. If we were going to boast about anything, it would be that.

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