Saturday, 30 August 2014

Scaling in Landfill Gas Stripper: Troubleshooting

The report on troubleshooting of a landfill gas air stripper has been completed, and the results look quite conclusive. A chemical dosing solution has been found, which I hope the client will use to avoid the time-intensive manual descaling they have been using to date. 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

How to Write a Part 35 Expert Witness Report

I got the Part 35 Expert Witness report I was waiting for today, and it was as I predicted interesting.

Without wishing to comment further on that particular report, I can offer a few tips for anyone who is asked for the first time to write an Part 35 expert witness report.

1. Be sure you are actually an expert in the area in question
2. Get professional training in writing Part 35 reports, meetings of experts and giving evidence
3. Remember always that your duty is to the court, rather than your client.
4. Offer evidence to back any opinions expressed in your report
5. Clearly differentiate between fact and opinion
6. Remember that name-calling is no substitute for rational argument

There is more detail in the first link.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Honey Done

In my course on process plant commissioning, I have a phrase I inherited from an American presenter, "honey do " jobs.These are the jobs which build up when commissioning engineers are out on site working long days under pressure which can give them problems with their wives/ husbands.

A couple of months after the end of teaching, I have cleared my honey do backlog, my textbook is more or less there and I just have a couple of little R+D / troubleshooting jobs and a remaining expert witness appointment on the books. It might be time to take a holiday!