Thursday, 11 September 2014

Expert Witness : Water Treatment Engineering

I have just picked up another bit of expert witness work, and I am preparing for a meeting of experts on the existing expert witness engagement.

Both are to do with water and sewage treatment engineering, though they are at very different ends of the water quality spectrum.

I find the forensic troubleshooting aspects of these cases fascinating. Though I only offer expert services in an area I have been working in for twenty-three years now, I never get bored of it.

As for the part of the job which is more new to me, I am glad to have been properly trained in how to write part 35 reports, conduct meetings of experts, and give evidence in court. I see the first two things done badly by others on most expert witness jobs I become involved in.

It seems to me that  the training I received should be a compulsory prerequisite for serving as an expert witness.Based on those I have seen, much court time must be wasted reading reports which fail to clearly distinguish between opinion and fact, and by "experts" who do not understand their duty is to the court, rather than their clients.

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