Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Settlement: Single Joint Expert : Wastewater Treatment Plant Process Design and Construction Dispute

I didn't get to go to court this week as expected in the commercial dispute about construction of an effluent treatment plant at a plating works, as the parties reached an out of court settlement.

It was unusual to be called for cross examination as a single joint expert witness, and it would have been all the more unusual to be in court for the cross-examination of a Single Joint Expert (though I was not the SJE in the case I did attend) twice in a month.

In the case I did attend, I was disputing certain aspects of the SJE's evidence, which was not a role I was aware of until I ended up occupying it. I would be comfortable to occupy it again.

I am relatively unusual amongst expert witnesses in being willing to accept SJE instructions, which can be problematic. I can see why some experts might be concerned about the great care needed in communications when accepting instructions from two parties who may disagree with each other at the level of disputing the interpretation of the court's instructions they wish you to take! 

Friday, 16 October 2015

Single Joint Expert Witness : Cross Examination

I have now confirmed that I will be making an appearance in court as a Single Joint Expert in the case of a commercial dispute between parties designing and constructing an industrial effluent treatment plant in a couple of weeks.

I was only in court challenging another SJE's report to do with water issues a few weeks ago. As 98% of cases which expert witnesses are involved in do not proceed to court, this is quite an unusual position for an expert witness to be in, even those experts I come across occasionally who are now so far away in time from practising their profession that they are now experts in being an expert witness, rather than in their original professional field.

It's good to get my money's worth out of the training courses I attended on conducting meetings of experts and preparing for cross examination.

I'm considering attending a new course on preparation of expert reports in light of some recent guidance from the courts, as well as still more recent comments from the bar.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Busy Again

I have lots of work on. There is a potential court appearance as a single joint expert witness in the case of a commercial dispute to do with an effluent treatment plant towards the end of the month.

We will possibly be giving a training course in Malaysia next month, and I have a report on pollution from antibiotic manufacture in Asia to finish off before then.

I'm also writing an encyclopaedia entry on Plant Design for ULLMANN'S Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, then it's back to working on the Plant Layout book.

Just as well I'm not working the the university any more, it's hard to see how I would fit it it.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Mr. Moran, that’s who I am…

It's my last day at Nottingham University today. I'm going back to working full-time as an engineering consultant through Expertise Limited, back to being called "Sean", rather than "Professor".

It was an interesting four years at Nottingham, and I learned a lot about teaching, which has improved my training courses.

I even learned some things about engineering. It was an opportunity to look at what I knew and how I knew it, so that I could teach it.

I wrote a book about that, and I'm presently working on my second one, on Plant Layout, as well as an entry in Ullmanns Encyclopaedia.

I also have a few articles in press in various Chemical Engineering magazines in the UK and US.

I certainly seem to have picked up a lot more writing work during my time as an academic. It's interesting and enjoyable, if not always that well paid...