Monday, 5 October 2015

Mr. Moran, that’s who I am…

It's my last day at Nottingham University today. I'm going back to working full-time as an engineering consultant through Expertise Limited, back to being called "Sean", rather than "Professor".

It was an interesting four years at Nottingham, and I learned a lot about teaching, which has improved my training courses.

I even learned some things about engineering. It was an opportunity to look at what I knew and how I knew it, so that I could teach it.

I wrote a book about that, and I'm presently working on my second one, on Plant Layout, as well as an entry in Ullmanns Encyclopaedia.

I also have a few articles in press in various Chemical Engineering magazines in the UK and US.

I certainly seem to have picked up a lot more writing work during my time as an academic. It's interesting and enjoyable, if not always that well paid...

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