Friday, 16 October 2015

Single Joint Expert Witness : Cross Examination

I have now confirmed that I will be making an appearance in court as a Single Joint Expert in the case of a commercial dispute between parties designing and constructing an industrial effluent treatment plant in a couple of weeks.

I was only in court challenging another SJE's report to do with water issues a few weeks ago. As 98% of cases which expert witnesses are involved in do not proceed to court, this is quite an unusual position for an expert witness to be in, even those experts I come across occasionally who are now so far away in time from practising their profession that they are now experts in being an expert witness, rather than in their original professional field.

It's good to get my money's worth out of the training courses I attended on conducting meetings of experts and preparing for cross examination.

I'm considering attending a new course on preparation of expert reports in light of some recent guidance from the courts, as well as still more recent comments from the bar.

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