Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A Successful Reboot

Expertise Limited was really just ticking over alongside my old university teaching role, and I was a little concerned that it might take a little time to get it back up and running full-time, but it looks as though there was nothing to worry about.

We have three or four live training enquiries, two for proper process engineering jobs, and one new invitation to serve as an expert witness in a really interesting case.

Whilst we wait for one of those to land, I'm going to make progress with my Ullmanns article, and plan the final assembly, integration and proofing of my Plant Layout book.

I am also talking to some US magazines about a series of articles for new graduates, filling the gaps in the now-standard inappropriate chemical engineering education.

There will definitely be an article by me on process plant costing in Chemical Engineering magazine before the year end, and one on plant layout early in the new year.

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