Thursday, 12 November 2015

Operation and Maintenance of Water and Effluent Treatment Plant Expert : Training Course

I'm making final preparations for a four-day course on Operation and Maintenance of Water and Effluent Treatment Plants in Kuala Lumpur. I've delivered it a few times now, and as usual the audience comes more or less 100% from the oil and gas industry.

The company I am working for on this occasion are unusually scrupulous and trustworthy, but training is an ugly business, and there is an incredibly wide range of qualities of course presenters and training providers to choose from.

There are many trainers who will work anywhere in the world for $250-$500 per delivery day. In some cases this adds up to less than UK minimum wage when prep time and travel time is factored in. Let's say you are asked to deliver a three day course in Saudi. Travel from the UK will add 2-3 days to this, and a new course will require 2-3 days of prep per day of delivery time if you are to deliver a quality outcome.

So the people who work for $250/d day of delivery would get $750 (about £500) for 15 days of their time or around £4.20 per hour allowing average eight-hour working days. In an international market, you compete with the whole world, and there are places where £4.20 per hour is a great deal. Not many though...

I'll comment on sharp practice by training companies another time....

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