Friday, 18 March 2016

Process Plant Layout and 3D CAD

I have finished the text of my book on process plant layout. One of the things I needed to get to the bottom of was which 3D CAD program was the best.

In essence, they are all best at something, though they are broadly similar in their abilities. A summary of comments from experts in the field suggests that the 3D CAD software most frequently used is generally as follows: 

Small/medium projects: Autodesk Plant 3D or Intergraph Cadworx

Medium/large projects: Aveva PDMS or E3D; Bentley OpenPlant and AutoPLANT; Autodesk Plant3D; Intergraph CADWorx

Large projects: Intergraph SmartPlant3D; Aveva PDMS and E3D; Cadmatic; TriCAD MS; 

Suitability also varies by industry sector and layout designer discipline, amongst other things. 

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