Friday, 29 April 2016

Water Engineering Expert: Expert Witness Enquiries: An Applied Guide to Water and Effluent Treatment Plant Design

I have put a couple of new bids in recently for expert witness engagements, one of them local, and one in the German-speaking world. Expert witness engagements are always interesting, with their combination of technical, legal and financial matters which could not be resolved without calling in lawyers and independent experts, but the enquiries I have had recently have had some especially interesting aspects.

I also signed a contract this week to produce a third book provisionally titled "An Applied Guide to Water and Effluent Treatment Plant Design". I'll start writing it as soon as the second book (Plant Layout) is submitted. The first one is still selling well, and I am appearing at Chester University next week to share some of it with the students there, as well as my ideas about how chemical engineering education can be improved.

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