Friday, 24 June 2016

The Voice of Chemical Engineering

I love to write. As well as the technical and expert witness reports which are so much of my professional practice at this stage of my career, my second textbook is about to be submitted to the publishers, and I do a lot of blogging to keep the writing muscles limber. For anyone who has never read my "Voice of Chemical Engineering" blogs for Elsevier, you can see them here. There are also my posts on LinkedIn, as well of those on "Expertise Unlimited". I am also currently writing articles for "Chemical Engineering", "Chemical Engineering Practice", and "Engineering and Technology Reference" magazines, and a piece on Reactor Selection and Design for Ullmanns Encyclopaedia of Chemical Technology. I also have a research paper on my teaching practice at Nottingham to write up. Oh, and a PhD. Luckily I write quickly...

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