Friday, 16 September 2016

Another Busy Week at Expertise Limited

It's been another busy week, with a couple of expert witness jobs running alongside each other, a day in London for the IChemE yesterday, and a hands-on troubleshooting job to do today. Next week is due to be even busier, with more IChemE work, and an advanced expert report writing training course to fit in alongside the engineering and expert witness investigations.

I'm getting lots of new enquiries, including one from Iran, where I haven't worked yet. (Love the food, and their air safety record is getting better all the time) Also firmed up on a visit to Pakistan next year.

Final proofreading of the plant layout book is more than 50% complete, I may even get it to press early. I've made a sound start on the new book, (An Applied Guide to Water and Effluent Treatment Plant Design) maybe 40,000 words of a rough first draft produced. My writing style involves polishing through multiple revisions, so I aim to get a rough draft knocked out very quickly.

I'd have had it done by now if there weren't so much paying work on. You might be under the impression that textbook writing was paying work, but I'm aiming to write five or so, and if I am moderately successful, the income from them will still be a side-line. You have to do it for love of writing and the subject, (and also in my case a chance to interact with fellow engineers)

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