Saturday, 29 October 2016

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Process Plant Layout and Design

Process Plant Layout Book Sean Moran

This is the last week of detailed proofreading on the Plant Layout book, which is already No 1 new release in its category ( Chemical Plant Design) on based on pre-orders.

I get it back for 48 hours just before publication in December, but that's only enough time for a glance at the style of the thing. I have been very hard in the past on poorly proofed books, but it's as much work to proof a book as it it to write it. I can see why people, (especially first time authors) get caught by surprise.

This is the dog end of a really busy month or so, with two expert witness jobs, nitpicking proofreading, and collection of data for a report on social mobility I'm heading up for the IChemE.

I'm not winding down for Xmas yet, but I hope to make some progress on the next book, presently stalled at 40,000 words of a planned 110,000.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Arrogance Unlimited? What's In A Name?

I was having a heated debate with another professor this week, and having run out of rational arguments, he referred to me at one point as "the sole proprietor of Arrogance Unlimited". I thought this was pretty funny, but as I explained to him, there is a crucial difference between arrogance (which he thinks I have) and confidence (which I think I have). It is competence.

Back in 1999 when I first started this company, its name was already selected, it was just that of the top one in the pile at the company formation outfit I bought the shell from. My friend who has an MBA (and therefore knows about branding and such) told me that it was a terrible name, as people would understand it to mean "Limited Expertise".

There was also a point in the past where a poor quality phone line caused me to receive paperwork for "Extra Cheese Limited", which is not so far off the mark, as anyone who has been for a pizza with me will testify.

Getting the kind of work I do is however all to do with my name, rather than the company's. If you do a good job, people come back and they recommend you to others. "Extra Cheese Limited" has been in business for seventeen years now, and has a full order book. Call us what you like.