Sunday, 9 October 2016

Arrogance Unlimited? What's In A Name?

I was having a heated debate with another professor this week, and having run out of rational arguments, he referred to me at one point as "the sole proprietor of Arrogance Unlimited". I thought this was pretty funny, but as I explained to him, there is a crucial difference between arrogance (which he thinks I have) and confidence (which I think I have). It is competence.

Back in 1999 when I first started this company, its name was already selected, it was just that of the top one in the pile at the company formation outfit I bought the shell from. My friend who has an MBA (and therefore knows about branding and such) told me that it was a terrible name, as people would understand it to mean "Limited Expertise".

There was also a point in the past where a poor quality phone line caused me to receive paperwork for "Extra Cheese Limited", which is not so far off the mark, as anyone who has been for a pizza with me will testify.

Getting the kind of work I do is however all to do with my name, rather than the company's. If you do a good job, people come back and they recommend you to others. "Extra Cheese Limited" has been in business for seventeen years now, and has a full order book. Call us what you like. 

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