Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Process Plant Layout and Design

Process Plant Layout Book Sean Moran

This is the last week of detailed proofreading on the Plant Layout book, which is already No 1 new release in its category ( Chemical Plant Design) on Amazon.com based on pre-orders.

I get it back for 48 hours just before publication in December, but that's only enough time for a glance at the style of the thing. I have been very hard in the past on poorly proofed books, but it's as much work to proof a book as it it to write it. I can see why people, (especially first time authors) get caught by surprise.

This is the dog end of a really busy month or so, with two expert witness jobs, nitpicking proofreading, and collection of data for a report on social mobility I'm heading up for the IChemE.

I'm not winding down for Xmas yet, but I hope to make some progress on the next book, presently stalled at 40,000 words of a planned 110,000.

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