Friday, 4 November 2016

Process Plant Layout and Process Plant Design Expertise

My webinar on process plant layout earlier this week was really popular, with 1001 attendees. I'm awaiting the transcript of all of the questions I didn't get time to answer. Once I get that and the link to the recording, I'll post the answers up on here.

The very last bit of final proofreading should be complete today. The published version will be revision 13 by my count. It takes a lot of effort to get a book just how you want it, and pick up all of the little errors. It's a project I'm really proud of.

My expert witness jobs centring on problems with process plant design are with the lawyers at present, so for once I don't have a big deadline I'm working to. I just have an article for "Chemical Engineering Practice" magazine to finalise, and some marking of design drawings for Chester University to do today. 

I'm hoping to get a weekend. That'd be nice...

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