Friday, 6 January 2017

Water and Effluent Treatment Plant Design Expert says Happy New Year!

I have spent the week like many people arranging the next few months. I've got live contracts for expert witness and troubleshooting work, but it is the teaching and training jobs which have been booking me first. A couple of process design training courses overseas, and a couple at home ( one process design, one water and effluent treatment plant design) have booked a day or two a week until Easter between them.  

Not much else happening this week, so I've taken the opportunity to make some progress with the new book, "An Applied Guide to Water and Effluent Treatment Plant Design". I'm at 63,000 words, (more than halfway through the agreed word-count) into the rough draft, but there is a lot of polishing to do once I have made the required word-count, and in any case the difficulty with this book (on my specialist area of design) will be fitting in all in.

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