Friday, 24 February 2017

Troubleshooting Effluent Treatment Plant

I've been busy this week recovering from jetlag after last week's trip to Pakistan and planning a troubleshooting exercise at a misbehaving commercial effluent treatment plant.

I have quite a few contracts on the go  at the moment, but the others are luckily quiet enough that I have been able to give much of my attention to figuring out what we need to do to make sense of the data in hand, and what we can do once we understand what has been happening to improve matters.

I have a plan and method statements for all that, and the lab booked starting next week to analyse new samples, so I will soon be in a positon to start to tweak the plant (or more accurately in this case, watch others tweak it).

Things may get slightly worse before they get better, so I'm going to get the EA to buy into the plan before carrying it out. The client has authorised me to talk to the EA on their behalf, so next week will be busy with that.

I'm also doing a day's teaching at Chester (on Plant Layout), and looking at getting out the first rough draft of my new book.  

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