Friday, 3 March 2017

More Troubleshooting Effluent Treatment Plant: Storm Water Handling: Planning Issues: Listed Monument

I have been preparing for the recommissioning of a misbehaving submerged aerated filter (SAF) plant this week. I'm just back from site, where a few tweaks were applied to the stormwater handling side of things.

Before changing anything, it is important to accurately measure what you have and I am making sure I have accurate data on flows and loads to the plant, as well as its performance in removing BOD, suspended solids and ammonia across the range of conditions it sees.

The plant is unusual for a private one in having a consent to discharge storm water by overflow from the storm tanks above a certain incoming flowrate. Today's tweaks were intended to ensure compliance with both the normal and storm discharge consents at high flows to the plant.

I have also spoken to the Environment  Agency about my plans for further changes to futureproof the plant, and have obtained agreement in principle for the recommissioning.

As the site is all Grade II listed, I will be accompanied on next week's visit by a specialist architect, to assist with producing pre-planning documentation.  

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