Friday, 30 June 2017

Change, transfer or cancel your environmental permit: Consent to discharge

I'm spending the day filling in the forms to make an application to vary an Environment Agency environmental permit for a client, (during my investigation of problems with their effluent treatment plant, it became clear that this would be required). These forms take quite some effort and care to complete correctly. No wonder then that if completed directly by clients, they might contain some errors.

So many people are unaware for example that you cannot for example put anything into surface water drains other than surface water. I lost track of the number of companies who were washing staff cars on site, with the dirty water produced going into surface water drains back when I used to do resource efficiency visits for Envirowise. There were plenty of others putting "clean" condensate from compressors etc. into surface or groundwater.

Doing it yourself or getting a non-professional to do it for you might well be a false economy.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Water Treatment Process Design Expert Witness

I'm waiting on a call from a potential new overseas expert witness instruction at the moment.

Most of the week has been taken up with designing and pricing wastewater tretamnt plant, and discussions with the Environment Agency about variations to discharge consents.

I've also been talking to a couple of universites about doing more teaching next year, (but not too much, I love engineering too much to ever consider full-time lecturing again).

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Design and Pricing Effluent Treatment Plant Upgrades

I've done a lot of exam marking this week, which necessitated travelling back and forth to Manchester to pick up and drop off the papers. Looks like I'll be back there again next year.

The rest of the week has been spent designing a couple of effluent treatment plants, talking to potential suppliers of the required equipment, and the Environment Agency with respect to a revised consent at one of the sites.

The latest book is also progressing well, easily on schedule for submission date. You can't get rich writing textbooks, but we do find it pleasant work. 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

A Mixed Bag

I had a nice variety of things last week - data analysis for the lab effluent discussed previously, costing up planning permission support for another effluent treatment plant upgrade, a bit of expert witness work to do with nitrifying filters, and a bit of support for the Manchester students who will sit an exam set by me on Monday. 

I also met a guy who came all the way from California to Matlock to discuss his effluent treatment enhancement product with me, with a view to me trialling it. There may be more about this product after I have looked at his data, and perhaps generated some of my own.

In the week to come, pricing up the final stage of two effluent treatment plant upgrades, and a lot of exam marking.