Saturday, 8 July 2017

Consultant for Variation of Your Environmental Permit /Consent To Discharge: Producing an Environmental Management System

So this week has involved a lot of ploughing through Environment Agency guidance documents on the latest rules for applying for a variation to a bespoke consent to discharge treated effluent to environment.

Nowadays this requires the applicant to have an Environmental Management System(EMS), ideally to ISO 14000, EMAS, Acorn or BS8555 standards. I have agreed with my client that their EMS will need them to get to stage 3 on the BS8555 programme. They are presently around stage 1.

I used to do a lot of work in the area back when I worked for Envirowise, back when BS8555 was just an "Acorn". It is painstaking work, but I like the BS8555 approach. I think it leads to a better system, more tailored to ensuring genuine site specific best practice than attempting to buy in an ISO 14000 system from an external consultant with little senior management or staff engagement or buy-in. Bought in systems like that are at best box-ticking exercises. 

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