Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Expert Witness Trade Effluent Charge Dispute, Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant Design Construcrtion and Commissioning

I got another expert witness enquiry last week, to do with trade effluent charges. That's the second in a short period. Summer often seems a popular time to sue people for some reason.

The real engineering jobs are continuing, with the submission to the EA for the required document package to ask for a variation to a bespoke trade effluent discharge consent almost complete, and just waiting now on the issue of another £150K contract to modify a commercial effluent treatment plant, with proper site work and everything.

I don't do a lot of hardhat engineering nowadays, so I'm always grateful for the chance to see something I designed come to fruition.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Expert Witness: Sewage and Industrial Effluent Treatment

I got an enquiry this week about expert witness work to do with high-strength industrial effluents. It seems likely that I will get appointed to do this over the turn of the year.

It's the full package of technical report, formal meeting of experts, production of a post-meeting "points of agreement and disagreement between experts" document, and a court appearance.

I've not had much expert witness work in recent months, instead, I've been doing a lot more proper engineering, which is all to the good. I wouldn't want to become an expert in being an expert, rather than in engineering.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Pump Selection and Specification Training: Webinars, Textbooks and University Courses

Pump Selection and Specification: Pump Curve

I gave a webinar yesterday on intermediate level pump selection and specification intended to bridge the gap between what is taught in university, and how we really do things in practice. I used a version of materials and exercises I have used many times before in fact to face training.

I was not sure how well it would work in a webinar format, but feedback from attendees was very good. My collaborator Keith Plumb will be doing another next week on batch applications, and I may do one the week after on either positive displacement pumps or water industry pumps.

Other than that, it has been a week of writing my new book, and producing its illustrations, and grinding through the paperwork for the variation to a bespoke consent to discharge, and the associated environmental management system.

I'm hoping to wrap up the paperwork next week on site with the client, with a view to pursuing the EMS and application for a variation to the licence on a twin track basis (Environment Agency permitting)

The new book is in good shape, with the word count presently exceeded. Now it gets pruned back to the required conciseness, I ensure that it has a consistent tone and style, I make sure that all of the required illustrations are there, and I have permissions for them all.

I'm hoping to have the new book out in time to use it as a course text for a couple of university courses I will be doing in the next academic year. These will involve me working one day a week at one university before Christmas, and another one after Christmas.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Principal Designer: Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

We put out a bid this week to act as both principal designer and process consultant on an upgrade of an effluent treatment plant at a commercial site with onerous planning department issues. The CDM Regulations principal designer requirement came about as a result of the extensive demolition required as the first stage of the improvements. It's a nice little job, probably on site towards the end of the year.

We have another job which has many similarities on the books, but we are still at the stage with that one of agreeing with the Environment Agency a revised bespoke consent to discharge for the new plant, and helping to write the Environmental Management System which the site will operate under.

So there is real design and site engineering work going on, but there is a great deal of talking to regulatory authorities and the filling in of many forms.

I also went to Manchester University on Monday to give a talk on Process Plant Layout to fellow practitioners. Sold a few of my layout books. If you'd like one, they are cheapest bought direct from me here.