Friday, 4 August 2017

Principal Designer: Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

We put out a bid this week to act as both principal designer and process consultant on an upgrade of an effluent treatment plant at a commercial site with onerous planning department issues. The CDM Regulations principal designer requirement came about as a result of the extensive demolition required as the first stage of the improvements. It's a nice little job, probably on site towards the end of the year.

We have another job which has many similarities on the books, but we are still at the stage with that one of agreeing with the Environment Agency a revised bespoke consent to discharge for the new plant, and helping to write the Environmental Management System which the site will operate under.

So there is real design and site engineering work going on, but there is a great deal of talking to regulatory authorities and the filling in of many forms.

I also went to Manchester University on Monday to give a talk on Process Plant Layout to fellow practitioners. Sold a few of my layout books. If you'd like one, they are cheapest bought direct from me here.

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