Friday, 11 August 2017

Pump Selection and Specification Training: Webinars, Textbooks and University Courses

Pump Selection and Specification: Pump Curve

I gave a webinar yesterday on intermediate level pump selection and specification intended to bridge the gap between what is taught in university, and how we really do things in practice. I used a version of materials and exercises I have used many times before in fact to face training.

I was not sure how well it would work in a webinar format, but feedback from attendees was very good. My collaborator Keith Plumb will be doing another next week on batch applications, and I may do one the week after on either positive displacement pumps or water industry pumps.

Other than that, it has been a week of writing my new book, and producing its illustrations, and grinding through the paperwork for the variation to a bespoke consent to discharge, and the associated environmental management system.

I'm hoping to wrap up the paperwork next week on site with the client, with a view to pursuing the EMS and application for a variation to the licence on a twin track basis (Environment Agency permitting)

The new book is in good shape, with the word count presently exceeded. Now it gets pruned back to the required conciseness, I ensure that it has a consistent tone and style, I make sure that all of the required illustrations are there, and I have permissions for them all.

I'm hoping to have the new book out in time to use it as a course text for a couple of university courses I will be doing in the next academic year. These will involve me working one day a week at one university before Christmas, and another one after Christmas.

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