Expert Witness Commercial Effluent Treatment Plant Problems

I put out an advisory report yesterday about problems at a commercial site with a packaged effluent treatment plant alleged to be to do with fats oils and greases arising during food processing.

I do enjoy a bit of expert witness work, though with all of the other work I have going on, I'm glad to have it off my desk!

Water Effluent and Hygienic Utilities Process Engineering : Fully Booked

Another busy week, with expert witness work to do with food processing effluents, analysis of the results of a trial segregation of effluent at a laboratory facility, and the design of new clean utilities and clean in place systems at an overseas food manufacturing facility.

Also got a new enquiry to offer process support to a package effluent treatment plant manufacturer (one of the few good ones) It's all go...

Water Process Engineering Expert

Ive been busy again this week with issues to do with food, pharma and laboratory effluent treatment in the UK and Europe. I'm writing this on my way back from an expert witness appointment in the North of England. Misbehaving package plant, I've seen a lot of those...

Water Process Engineering Expert

I passed my viva this week for my PhD, though I doubt I will be called "Dr Moran" that often, we don't use titles that much in engineering practice, and I'm a practitioner, not an academic, even though I'll still be entitled to be called "Professor" for another year yet.

I'm really enjoying being back in engineering practice full-time. I wake up early every morning buzzing with ideas of how to design things better. I still love engineering after all of this time. It's a great career for those who love it.

Pharmaceuticals and Food Clean and Dirty Water Treatment Engineering Expertise

It's been another busy week in laboratory, pharmaceuticals and food production for me. I have both clean and dirty water projects on in the UK and elsewhere.

Water Engineering Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Effluent and Water Treatment

Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Effluent and Water Treatment seems to be the theme for me at the moment. The order book looks to be full for the rest of the year at least now. Interesting jobs...