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Troubleshooting Sewage Treatment Plant

I have finished my confidential report today on problems with a sewage treatment plant I visited earlier this week. It was very satisfying to be able to see a reliable way forward, even though the available data was rather uncertain.

One unusual feature of the plant was the presence of large numbers of Asellus aquaticus, (an aquatic relative of the woodlouse, pictured) in the aeration tank.

I have another effluent treatment plant to troubleshoot next week. It's nice to get a break from writing books to do some real engineering.

Troubleshooting Industrial and Commercial Effluent Treatment Plants

I've booked a couple of site visits this week to troubleshoot problems with effluent treatment plants over the next few weeks. It's good to get back to some real engineering.

I'm enjoying writing, but I'm an engineer who writes textbooks, rather than a textbook author, and I like to keep my skills current.

Both site visits seem however to be to plants which might have value as anonymised examples of common mistakes by designers, confidentiality permitting...

Happy New Year: Back to Work

I'm back to work today, and it seems many others are too. Lots of new enquiries are coming in, and much of that is real engineering. I enjoy writing, training and expert witness work, but if I were to allow myself to become a former practitioner, all three will be based upon increasingly out of date knowledge of the profession. 

I was asked in cross-examination during my last court appearance as an expert witness about how many times I had appeared in court (three times if you count a planning committee meeting) in contrast to the opposing expert. I was glad to be able to say that I was an expert engineer rather than an expert in being an expert witness (no disrespect to my counterpart implied).

I heard recently that my evidence was preferred by the Judge in that case, which was good to hear.