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Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant Commissioning, Operation and Troubleshooting

In addition to my design work, I have spent a good few years supporting the operation of water treatment plants I have designed. 
I have also carried out troubleshooting, optimisation and forensic engineering on process plants of all kinds designed by others on many occasions.
I've had an enquiry this week to spend a while managing an industrial effluent treatment plant overseas. I think it might be interesting, and it's a lot closer to the training engagements I have towards the end of the year than Wirksworth is!

Avoiding Contractual Disputes: Expert Witness Water Treatment Plant Construction

I've been addressing some contractual / technical issues with the order for the wastewater treatment plant I'm due to be supervising the commissioning of at the end of the year.

There are a number of issues I have seen many times in expert witness engagements, but unlike those cases, my clients engaged an expert at this stage to avoid these issues becoming a problem at a later stage.

Getting it clear who carries design responsibility, what tests are required to prove that the plant works, making sure that the contractor has been provided with sufficient data to allow them to design their plant properly, having the design and proposed equipment reviewed by an expert before site start at the latest, and having a rigorous testing protocol agreed in advance to show that the plant works at the point where the contractor leaves site.

All of these issues, if left unresolved can result in the situation I see all too often in expert witness engagements, where the plant does not work, …

Expert Witness Water Wastewater Sewage, Sewerage and Drainage Engineer

I'm getting a few enquiries in for expert witness work. Mostly they are to do with dirty water treatment (sewage, wastewater and trade effluent), but there are also clean water enquiries.

Though I am trained and experienced as an expert witness, including experience of court appearances and cross examination, I am an engineering practitioner with a sideline in expert witness work, rather then an expert in being an expert who has not practiced engineering in a long time, like some of my competitors.

Other then that, I'm doing a bit of design work, and making arrangements for some process commissioning work in November/December. Not the ideal time for commissioning a biological effluent treatment plant, but things fall where they fall.

Water and Sewage Treatment Process Design, Commissioning and Troubleshooting

I've been finalising the design of an industrial effluent treatment plant this week, and fixing site dates for commissioning. Delivery periods being what they are, its going to be well into winter now.

Water Engineering Training Courses

I've spent a fair part of this week discussing providing overseas training courses in Water and Sewage Treatment Plant Design, based on my most recent IChemE book, "An Applied Guide to Water and Effluent Treatment Plant Design".

I've also done a certain amount of actual design work, finalising the design of the upgraded effluent treatment plant for my long-running commercial client.

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant Problems

I've just put our popular page on packaged sewage treatment plant problems back up on the website. If you have a misbehaving sewage treatment plant, I can help.

If it has fixable problems, I can help you fix it by telling you what the problems are and what you need to do about them. If it isn't fixable, I can help you as an expert witness.

Water Process Engineer Training Design Commissioning and Operation

The new website is finally working properly, after dealing with some annoying changes to Google's systems. Training is an important activity for us, especially in the Middle and Far East, though we have some enquiries from the Indian subcontinent and Africa at present, and occasionally do a UK contract.