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Expert Witness Package Effluent Treatment Plant

I had a new enquiry today for a private packaged STP of a kind I have seen so many times before.

There is a fair bit of expert witness work coming in at the moment, all wastewater treatment plant jobs of one kind or another. The other live expert witness project is far more novel than this latest one, and a lot more exotic, being in a part of the Middle East I have not yet visited.

I don't mind vanilla once in a while...

Process Design Expert Water Food and Drink

Had a few login problems on here last week, as did many people. Not sure what it was about, perhaps the demise of Google plus. But anyway, I'm back.

I had another week of hygienic and environmental process design last week, and a bit of expert witness work. This week is all about writing, getting my last book out of the door, and making a start on my new one.